House team-building morning at BSN

The School House System is an important part of student life at BSN
Thursday, October 18, 2018
Every student and staff member in the school belongs to one of the four Houses: Romans, Vikings, Saxons or Normans. The House System provides our students with opportunities for leadership and cooperation and helps them develop a sense of belonging. It also encourages our older students to develop the mentoring skills through guiding younger children in their House. 

Earlier this month all primary and secondary students enjoyed a morning of team-building activities. The aim of this morning was to create team spirit and cooperation in the different houses. The students took part in Football, Basketball, Origami, Drama, Dance and much more. Our older students in Years 9,10 and 11 played a big part on the day by leading the younger students around the campus and providing support for the teachers in the different activities. Overall the day was a huge success with all our students having a fun and enriching morning.